Vancouver ScrumMaster Training and CertificationVancouver ScrumMaster Training and Certification

While working in a Scrum environment can be invigorating and inspiring, leading that team as a ScrumMaster can be a bit more of a challenge. Don’t let that frighten you off though. Scrum is leading the way as the most innovative agile methodology to date, and you as a ScrumMaster can do amazing things with the right skills and training.

You’ve likely learned a bit about how Scrum works. Maybe you’ve even read a few books on the topic. While the concepts are fairly easy to grasp, putting those concepts and theories into practice is a different story altogether.

That’s where our Vancouver ScrumMaster Training and Scrum certification courses come into the picture. Winnow Management is bringing outstanding Scrum certification to Vancouver, and professionals from all walks are invited to participate. Through these courses, aspiring (or even experienced) ScrumMasters will learn how to build and lead effective teams.

During our Vancouver ScrumMaster Training, participants will learn about all aspects of Scrum – both from a theoretical standpoint as well as from the practical. You will gain a strong grasp of Scrum principles and values, and an understanding of how each one contributes to your overall success as a team.

In our interactive classroom environment, each student will have opportunities to participate in group exercises and real-life Scrum projects. This practical application will give you a feel for Scrum implementation and a great chance to learn from our pros.

At the end of our Vancouver ScrumMaster Training course, you’ll be ready to take your certification exams. If you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-784-3674, or email us at You can also find a full listing of projected dates and venues on our events page.