Two Day Certified ScrumMaster Training Classes in Philadelphia

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIt takes a lot of quick thinking and even quicker action to stay on the cutting edge in the software world. Things are constantly changing and the landscape is constantly evolving. New technology is being introduced on a daily basis, and customer demands change just as rapidly. If you hope to stay on the cutting edge, it’s important to be extremely flexible and agile in your development processes.

Why Agility Matters

The most successful companies are those who can adapt rapidly to the perceived demands of the market. After all, if your time and resources are being poured into a product that doesn’t meet the current demands, it’s hardly going to succeed when it’s released. The climate today is such that things can drastically change from the beginning of a project to the end. Unless you can quickly adapt to changes, your projects are doomed to failure.

That’s why it’s smart to go Agile. During our certified ScrumMaster training classes in Philadelphia, we’ll show you just how powerful an Agile framework can be. Scrum can set you free from the red tape of outdated processes and the quicksand of bureaucracy. It puts the power into the hands of the development team, and is an extremely efficient way to get things accomplished.

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Of course, such a drastic departure from traditional processes isn’t easy. You’ve become accustomed to working in certain ways, and a change won’t always be smooth sailing. That’s why we’re bringing our certified ScrumMaster training classes to Philadelphia – to provide the education and hands-on training that you need to succeed with Scrum. We’ll put you in a room with some of the very best ScrumMasters in the world! Over the course of two days, you’ll be able to work right alongside them as you practice your new skills.

This promises to be an exciting event, so sign up right away! Space won’t last long at our certified ScrumMaster training classes in Philadelphia, so drop by our events page or get in touch with our team at for more details.