Two Day Certified ScrumMaster Training Classes in New York City

If your company is preparing to adopt the Scrum framework, you need to act fast to stay current with the changes. Unlike other project management frameworks, Scrum is an Agile approach that may require a bit of a paradigm shift. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it can be extremely challenging for long-time managers. You can get ahead of the crowd by attending our Certified ScrumMaster training classes in New York City. We’ll get you up to speed in two days flat.

Our goal at Winnow Management is to train outstanding servant-leaders. When you attend our Certified ScrumMaster training classes in New York City, we do all we can to help you develop the Scrum skills you need to thrive in your industry. Not only do we help you to build a strong foundation in the fundamental principles, but we will help you to build the real-world skills and practical know that you need to implement Scrum immediately.

At Winnow Management, we know that folks learn more from doing than from hearing. That’s why we’ve built our course around hands-on, practical application. Every new concept and skill is backed up with small group discussions, realistic simulations, and fun exercises that will help you stretch your new Scrum muscles. By the time our two-day course is complete, you’ll be ready to:

1. Be a true servant-leader. You’ll be ready to drop your old-school management techniques as you step into your new role as a facilitator, protector, and coach for your team.

2. Be truly efficient. You’ll be able to use Scrum skills fluidly and naturally, which will help you and your team to be far more efficient and productive.

3. Be a Scrum evangelist. You’ll be convinced of the benefits, and you’ll be ready to push others to adopt the new techniques and practices.

Scrum is exciting, and while it takes a bit of a shift in your modus operandi, it can bring tremendous benefits to your whole team. To get your Scrum career started on the right foot, sign up today for our Certified ScrumMaster training classes in New York City. For more information, feel free to contact us at