Two Day Certified ScrumMaster Training Classes in Dallas

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasMore and more companies around the world are adopting the Scrum framework. Naturally, those companies are clamoring for well-qualified, Certified ScrumMasters to lead their Scrum teams. In fact, many companies are now requiring ScrumMaster certification for any new team leaders. If you’re looking for a way to shove your career into high gear, ScrumMaster certification is the way to go.

Fortunately, we’re bringing the training to your doorstep with our certified ScrumMaster training classes in Dallas. A simple investment of two days will earn you the training you need to ace the CSM exam!

Why Choose Winnow Management Training?

You’ve possibly come across a number of options for certified ScrumMaster training classes in Dallas. It can be tough to choose. Consider though, that Winnow Management has gathered some of the very best ScrumMasters and Certified Scrum Trainers from around the world. Our crack team offers a broad spectrum of experience, specialties, and strengths so that you can benefit from the most well-rounded training possible.

It’s important to consider that Scrum Trainers have a lot of freedom in building their courses. While the Scrum Alliance does dictate the curriculum to some extent, the majority of course content is developed by trainers themselves. For the sake of your career, it’s smart to choose trainers who have the experience and real-world skills that you need in your unique niche. By training under the Winnow Management team, you put yourself in line for true career success and advancement.

Does Course Participation Guarantee Certification?

Not exactly; however, it does qualify you for the CSM exam. To become a Certified ScrumMaster, every participant must pass the Scrum Alliance CSM exam. Our course provides the training and education you need, and it provides a hefty chunk of hands-on hours that are required for certification. After that, it’s up to you!

Fortunately, we make certification as easy as it gets. Our training is designed to take you from zero to hero in just two days. By the end of our certified ScrumMaster training classes in Dallas, you’ll be ready to step into your new role as a professional, knowledgeable ScrumMaster. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at