Two Day Certified ScrumMaster Training Classes in Chicago

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIf you’ve been considering Scrum certification, now’s the time to act. We’re bringing two action-packed days of certified ScrumMaster training classes to Chicago, and YOU are invited to attend! Our workshop is unique in that it’s totally designed around learning by doing. If you’re looking for dull lectures and drab PowerPoints, then this isn’t the class for you; however, if you’re a hands-on learner looking for real-world training, then sign up today!

The Course in Brief

When you sign up for Winnow Management’s certified ScrumMaster training classes in Chicago, you’d better come with your thinking cap on tight. We’re going to take you well beyond the basics of Scrum. In fact, you’re going to leave our classes with a solid, practical understanding of the framework, its tools, principles and techniques. You’ll walk away with not just head knowledge, but real-world skills that can be put to use right away.

When you learn Scrum at one of our events, you’re setting yourself up to be a true servant leader – a leader who is serious about helping your team succeed. The ever-changing business environment demands leaders who are strong, reliable, and fully Agile. We’re here to turn you into a leader who is up to the task. During our course, you’ll learn:

1. How to educate and advocate for the Scrum framework. Your team might need some training and prodding, but we’ll make sure you’re up to the task. You’ll have a solid understanding of the how’s, why’s, and wherefore’s of every meeting, ceremony and principle, and you’ll be able to keep your team focused on using Scrum well.

2. How to be a real servant leader. This is something that doesn’t come easy – even to the best of us. It goes against traditional management frameworks, but it’s a big part of what makes Scrum so effective.

3. How to help your team thrive. When you’re a strong ScrumMaster, your team can be a strong Scrum team. Sign up today for our certified ScrumMaster training classes in Chicago, and get your Scrum career rolling in the right direction. For more information, get in touch any time at