South Florida Scrum Training

Welcome to South Florida. Home of sunny beaches, relaxing waves and a great night life. But there is another side to this coin. The life of the traditional project manager. Stressing from the constant client requirement changes, ballooning expenses and approaching deadlines. This is where Winnow Management steps in.

Winnow Management has over 70+ years of combined professional IT experience and provide a 2-day South Florida Scrum Training course that prepares participants for the ScrumMaster certification. Teaching Agile / Scrum project management techniques, individuals will learn the inside workings of Scrum and expectations of the various roles involved in this trending software development style.

This framework creates an environment where teams can quickly change directions when necessary, making it easier to maintain current project deadlines, keep costs down and deliver a high quality product. Outside or uncontrollable elements can influence a products life cycle, and instead of the pressure falling on one project manager, the team approach alleviates those unknown issues that the traditional management mindset can't avoid or recoup from.

If this sounds like something your company would be interested in learning, check our events page for locations near you. For more information, or special consulting requests, contact Winnow Management at 954-784-3674 or use our convenient contact form.