ScrumMaster Training and Certification in ChicagoScrumMaster Training and Certification in Chicago

Scrum is rapidly taking over product development environments worldwide, and the ScrumMaster plays a vital role in its application. The ScrumMaster has the responsibility of making sure each Team Member is properly implementing Scrum principles. A strong ScrumMaster greatly increases a team’s potential for success. As such, a ScrumMaster must have a solid grasp on Scrum principles, values, practices and application.

For Chicago professionals looking for ScrumMaster certification, look no further than Winnow Management. With over 75 years of combined experience in IT with such prominent companies as Cisco and Hilton, our Scrum instructors are well-versed in project management and agile concepts. This year, Winnow Management is offering ScrumMaster Training to professionals and organizations in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

No matter what industry you work in, you’ve probably come to realize that change is inevitable. No matter how well you’ve planned, disruptions are bound to pop up. Staff restructuring, budget changes and new project requirements are often an unavoidable part of the creative process. Without the right tools to handle those changes and interruptions, an entire project can be derailed.

As a ScrumMaster, your job will be keeping the project on course regardless of changes. By properly implementing Scrum procedures, you can make that happen.

In our two-day Scrum certification courses, you’ll gain a strong grasp of Scrum principles, values, and applications. You’ll learn how the different roles operate in a Scrum environment, and what your role as a ScrumMaster will entail. Other topics in our Chicago ScrumMaster Training include:

  • Scrum frameworks and fundamentals
  • How and why Scrum works
  • Planning and estimating in an agile environment
  • Cross-functional and self-managed teams
  • Empirical vs. defined methods
  • Optimizing your return on investments

If you or your company could benefit from our ScrumMaster Training and Certification in Chicago, Illinois, check out our events page for scheduled dates and venues. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 954-784-3674, or email us at