ScrumMaster Certification Training in Omaha, Nebraska

ScrumMaster Certification Training in Omaha, Nebraska

If you’ve worked in management for years, you might think that ScrumMaster certification is a logical next step. And it might be. However, it’s really important to understand how different and unique the role of ScrumMaster is. The job goes far beyond simple management, and it requires a degree of servant leadership that is almost unseen in traditional management roles.

It’s a huge job, but it comes with its own share of wonderful rewards. With the right training and implementation, you can help your team to achieve phenomenal productivity, enhanced efficiency, and an amazing new degree of teamwork and cohesion. It’s a challenge, certainly, but if you’re up for it, join us for two days of ScrumMaster certification training in Omaha, Nebraska. Find out why Scrum is a total game-changer – and how you can play a part in it!

What Does it Mean to be a ScrumMaster?

The role can be a little confusing for folks coming fresh out of a traditional company environment. The ScrumMaster isn’t a “manager”, but he does have a certain influence. He doesn’t manage the team members, but he is responsible to keep the project on track. As you’ll see at our ScrumMaster certification training in Omaha, Nebraska, it can be a fine balancing act; however, we know you’ll love the rewards the role brings.

As ScrumMaster, you can expect to perform many of these tasks regularly:

- Coaching and building communication within (and between) one or more teams.

- Running regular meetings like daily stand-ups, Sprint planning meetings, etc.

- Observing your team’s needs and providing those needs when possible.

- Upholding Scrum values and keeping the team focused on working through the Scrum process.

- Removing impediments and protecting the team from unnecessary meddling.

And these are just the basic tasks every ScrumMaster will handle. There is a lot involved in being a successful ScrumMaster, but we’re here to help. Join our ScrumMaster certification training in Omaha, Nebraska, and we’ll help you to survive and thrive in this outstanding role. Sign up online for one of our upcoming events, or get in touch at with any questions or special requests.