ScrumMaster Certification Training in New Orleans, Louisiana

ScrumMaster Certification Training in New Orleans, LouisianaScrum is a huge part of many organizations today. The framework is revolutionizing the project management process, and it is bringing greater efficiency and productivity to product development teams around the world. Agile concepts have been used by software developers for a long time now, and there are a variety of Agile frameworks in use; however, Scrum is now the leading framework not only among software developers but in companies from every industry.

Our IT professionals at Winnow Management have developed a fantastic training course for aspiring Scrum Masters, and we will soon be hosting our ScrumMaster certification classes in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a combined 75+ years of project management and software development experience, our Certified Scrum Trainers are some of the most effective teachers and instructors in the business. They not only know the ins and outs of the Scrum framework, but their practical real-world experience gives them a unique edge in teaching application. It’s not just theory for them – they’ve actually lived it!

Through our two days of ScrumMaster certification training in New Orleans, Louisiana, you’ll be able to work alongside our professional Certified Scrum Trainers. Rather than long lectures, we like to teach by doing. That means that you’d better be ready to roll your sleeves up! Every new concept will be reinforced with small group discussions, practical exercises, true life case studies and realistic simulations. We run our training sessions this way so that by the end of our two-day course, you’ll have the practical experience you need to immediately implement what you’ve learned.

During our course, we’ll tackle topics like:

  • Your responsibility to uphold the practices and values of the Scrum framework
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration in an Agile environment
  • Protecting your team from distractions and obstacles
  • Working effectively with Product Owners and Team Members

It’s bound to be an exciting two days, so don’t miss it! Sign up on our events page for our ScrumMaster certification training in New Orleans, Louisiana, or get in touch at for more information.