ScrumMaster Certification Training in Herndon, Virginia

ScrumMaster Certification Training in Herndon, VirginiaA well-trained Scrum Master makes all the difference in a project’s success. The right Scrum Master can make or break a framework, so naturally, it’s vital that you pick the right person for the job. Of course, you can’t just slap a random manager with the title and expect them to succeed. Neither can you hire a random person who happens to have “CSM” on their resume – because that doesn’t necessarily signify success or experience in the role.

If you’re looking for a great Scrum Master (or two or three) to get your framework rolling in the right direction, consider signing some of your existing team up for our ScrumMaster certification training in Herndon, Virginia. Most great Scrum Masters come from existing teams, and many have little to no experience in a traditional management role. So take a look at your team, and you might just find an ideal candidate for your company’s Scrum Master!

Picking the Perfect ScrumMaster

Obviously, there’s no “perfect” ScrumMaster; but you can come pretty close by choosing carefully. A great ScrumMaster has specific qualities and skills, and while these are honed and developed during our ScrumMaster certification training in Herndon, Virginia, you can often see an inkling of them before any training takes place. As you look for the right candidate, here are a few qualities to watch for:

- Committed – Great ScrumMasters are dedicated to the framework. They know Scrum rules and practices intimately and they’re committed to upholding them, educating others about them, and coaching the team in their use.

- Team-Oriented – Great ScrumMasters are focused on service. They watch closely to see how they can best facilitate the team’s success, and they use their influence to remove impediments and hindrances.

- Communicator – Great ScrumMasters are go-betweens for the team and Product Owner, so strong communication skills are a must.

If you can find these three skills in members of your team, you’ve got the makings of a great ScrumMaster. Bring your team to join us for two days of ScrumMaster certification training in Herndon, Virginia, and we’ll get you started on the path to Scrum success! For more info on our upcoming events and other offers, visit our events page or get in touch at