Scrummaster Certification Classes in San Diego, California

Scrummaster Certification Classes in San Diego, California

If you’re getting ready to implement the Scrum framework in your organization, we applaud you! You’re making one of the best possible moves, and you won’t regret the change. Of course, with such a huge change, you should anticipate some need for adjustment and training. Our Scrummaster certification classes in San Diego, California can provide your team with the core principles, skills and techniques they need for a successful launch into Scrum.

Managers as Scrummasters

A common question we hear is “how do I choose my Scrummaster?” This can be a tough decision, as not everyone will be a good fit for our Scrummaster certification classes in San Diego, California. Many companies automatically assume that a manager (functional or otherwise) might be a good candidate; however, they may not actually be the best fit for the role. Here’s why:

Project managers and functional managers seem like the obvious best choice because they do have a level of previous experience with the team. Unfortunately, this previous experience can actually be detrimental, as it doesn’t facilitate the coaching and supporting model of Scrum. Many managers also lack the technical knowledge to facilitate and anticipate a team’s needs.

One of the best fits for a Scrummaster is actually the technical lead. Team members typically see the lead as a peer, making the relationship easier and the job smoother. The lead also has in-depth knowledge of the project, making it easier to anticipate and facilitate the needs of the team.

Picking Your Scrummaster

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your whole team Scrummaster training. While Scrum does require quite a paradigm shift, your manager’s may just surprise you once they’ve jumped on the Scrum bandwagon. By enrolling your team in our Scrummaster certification classes in San Diego, California, you’re equipping the whole team for success. For more information or for special requests, please get in touch at