Scrummaster Certification Classes in Portland, Oregon

As your team adopts the Scrum framework, you’ll need to pick the best candidates for the role of Scrummaster. This is one of the most important positions in the framework, as the Scrummaster is responsible for upholding Scrum values, implementing the framework properly, and supporting the team in the process. Not only is it important to pick the right folks for the job, but it’s vital to provide them with the right training.

You can get your team started in Scrum the right way by signing them up for our Scrummaster certification classes in Portland, Oregon. Winnow Management has helped to implement some of the most successful Scrum frameworks around, and we’ll help your team get on the road to success. By signing up with us, you’ll see your investment pay off handsomely.

The Qualities of a Great Scrummaster

As you begin your training, it’s wise to know what you’re aiming for. There are specific skills and qualities that put a Scrummaster on the path to success, and these are skills that we aim to develop during our Scrummaster certification classes in Portland, Oregon. To be a great Scrummaster, you must have:

  • A solid commitment to Scrum values.
  • A can-do, problem-solving mindset.
  • A servant-leader attitude.
  • A supportive, coaching approach.

Scrummaster Qualities can be Learned!

Don’t have all of these qualities just yet? No worries! These are qualities that require a change (sometimes a major change) in your modus operandi. But that’s why we’re here! By participating in our Scrummaster certification classes in Portland, Oregon, you’ll learn just how each of these qualities come into play – and how you can begin to develop the qualities, mindset and values of a successful Scrummaster. Stop by our events page to sign up, or get in touch with our team at