ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaScrumMaster Certification Classes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We’re pleased to announce a series of ScrumMaster certification classes in Pittsburgh! All professionals in the Pittsburgh area are invited to sign up for two days of immersive Scrum instruction. Our two-day course introduces the essential elements and core concepts of Scrum, and prepares participants for the Certified ScrumMaster test.

This simple agile process is taking the commercial world by storm with its profound effect on efficiency, productivity and project management. Each participant in this course will gain essential hands-on experience working with some of the best instructors in the business.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and practice with each of the core Scrum tools and activities including daily Scrum meetings, burn down charts, and sprint and product backlogs. Participants will also learn how to effectively apply the Scrum framework to projects of all sizes – from short term small teams to large, complex and long-term projects.

What’s On the Agenda?

Each attendee will gain a solid understanding of the tools and techniques needed to pass the CSM exam, including subjects like:

  • Tried and proven Scrum practices
  • How to effectively apply Scrum in a new environment
  • Agile planning and estimation
  • The foundational concepts of an agile Scrum framework
  • Successfully scaling Scrum to all project sizes

Who Should Attend?

Our ScrumMaster certification course is designed for anyone who wants to further explore the benefits of an agile environment. Professionals at any level of the development process can benefit from ScrumMaster training – from team members and project managers to high level executives.

Sign up soon though, because tickets are going fast. Grab your spot a month ahead of time and get an early bird discount, or check out our savings options for larger groups. Stop by our events page to see the full listing of ScrumMaster certification classes in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, or get in touch at for more information.