ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Kansas City, MissouriScrumMaster Certification Classes in Kansas City, Missouri

Scrum principles are beautifully simple, but the path to successful implementation can be tricky and full of pitfalls. Start your Scrum journey on the right foot with Winnow Management’s ScrumMaster certification classes! We’ve put together a hands-on, interactive two-day course that will equip you for a successful start in Scrum. Our trainers have developed a series of classes filled with practical advice and tried-and-proven techniques to make your implementation of Scrum as effective as possible.

We’ve put together a strong team of Certified Scrum Trainers in Kansa City who have a wealth of real-world experience in the fields of IT, software development and project management. They’ve successfully implemented Scrum frameworks in large organizations around the world, and now they’re offering that vast expertise to you! Throughout this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best as you work hand-in-hand with our trainers as they teach and demonstrate the elements of being an effective ScrumMaster.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to run a successful Scrum framework by mastering:

  • A working knowledge of and respect for Scrum history and principles
  • The ability to apply Scrum methodologies at the right time and in the right ways
  • The ability to identify and work with each individual role in the Scrum framework
  • The skills to develop your own product vision statements
  • The ability to plan out Sprints and know what should happen before, during and after each one
  • Progress tracking and time management
  • The ability to predict potential pitfalls – and the ability to avoid them

And much more as time and interest allow. While these concepts may seem simple, it takes skill to make them really work, so come ready to learn!

Join us for ScrumMaster certification classes in Kansas City and revolutionize your modus operandi. We’re offering all kinds of great savings, so check out our events page and see how you can save $100 on early bird registration! Contact us any time at