ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Indianapolis, IndianaScrumMaster Certification Classes in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you wondering what the Scrum hype is all about? Come find out how Scrum can revolutionize your work, your projects, and your whole organization!

Our two-day courses provide participants with a solid foundation and hands-on training in the core principles of being effective, productive ScrumMasters. Whether you’re new to Scrum or you’ve been working in an agile environment for some time, this course can take your career to the next level as you master new skills, techniques and tools for truly effective project management.

Each participant will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our Certified Scrum Trainers in a variety of Scrum simulations. These exercises will provide opportunities to observe professional ScrumMasters and practice newly-learned skills.

By the end of the two-day course, participants will understand:

  • The benefits of implementing a Scrum framework
  • The fundamental principles and values of Scrum
  • How agile planning and analysis works – and why it’s important
  • The roles and responsibilities of each member of the team – including the ScrumMaster, the Team Members and the Project Owner.
  • The practical skills involved in running effective Scrums
  • The responsibilities of the ScrumMaster in dealing with the team
  • How to deal with pitfalls and organizational challenges when implementing Scrum

We know that the most successful agile environments occur when all members of the team have a solid understanding of and respect for Scrum principles and practices. By working with experienced ScrumMasters and trainers, you’ll be properly equipped to launch a successful Scrum framework in your own business or organization.

Come join us and find out what benefits Scrum can bring to your next project. Check out our events page to see the dates and venues planned for ScrumMaster certification classes in Indianapolis, and sign up early for special early bird and group discounts.

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