If you’d like more info on our upcoming Scrum Master certification training in Columbia, Maryland, please feel free to contact us at info@winnowmanagement.com. You can also see our scheduled dates and venues on our events page.

ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Columbia, Maryland

Winnow Management is bringing Scrum power to Maryland! During 2013, we will be hosting a number of ScrumMaster certification classes in Columbia, Maryland, and we invite aspiring ScrumMasters from all walks and industries to attend.

Each certification course will span two days, and will be chock full of classroom style lessons and practical application simulations and exercises. This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the Scrum agile framework, as well as the mechanics, tools and roles involved in a successful Scrum environment.

Participants in this course will learn the true value of “servant leadership” when it comes to enhancing productivity and optimizing team value. Each participant will have the opportunity to work alongside our Certified Scrum Trainers in a series of real-life Scrum simulations. This will further solidify the training and provide the skills needed to translate the training to real-world situations.

Our ScrumMaster certification classes will cover a variety of Scrum essentials, including:

  • How Scrum was formed and how it has evolved
  • How Scrum works – and why it’s so effective
  • The core differences between Scrum and traditional approaches to project management
  • The Scrum framework and fundamentals
  • Planning, reporting, predictability and risk management in a Scrum environment
  • How to scale Scrum to your unique company’s needs and projects

This course is specially geared toward project managers, team leaders and anyone responsible for helping a production team succeed. Participants will be instilled with the key values needed to effectively implement and navigate Scrum, as well as the tools needed to facilitate success in an ever-changing work environment.

For a complete listing of scheduled dates, times and venues of our ScrumMaster certification classes in Columbia, Maryland, please stop by our events page. For further information, please contact us at 954-784-3674, or by email at info@winnowmanagement.com.