ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Chicago, Illinois

ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Chicago, Illinois

Are you a software developer, IT professional, or project manager in Illinois? If so, we’d love to see you at our upcoming ScrumMaster certification classes in Chicago, Illinois! Winnow Management will be hosting two-day workshops to train aspiring ScrumMasters in the skills, techniques and values needed to implement and sustain a successful Scrum framework.

Who should get ScrumMaster training?

While ScrumMaster training is most useful if you have a leadership role within your company’s structure, we believe that this course would be beneficial for just about anyone who works in product development. Whether you’re in upper level management or a team member, programmer, developer or product tester, this course is sure to greatly enhance your productivity, efficiency, and your career as a whole.

What you’ll learn

Over the course of two days, you’ll build a solid base of experience in implementing Scrum principles and methodologies. You’ll gain a solid grasp of the basic Scrum principles and learn how to use the various tools and techniques that make up this framework. You’ll also be working hand-in-hand with some of the best ScrumMasters and Scrum Trainers in the business – folks who will provide invaluable feedback and personalized help when you need it.

We’ll be covering quite an array of topics during our ScrumMaster certification classes in Chicago, Illinois. Just a few topics include:

  • The roles and responsibilities within the Scrum team
  • Your day-to-day Scrum basics, like running daily Scrum meetings and planning Sprints
  • Operating within a Scrum environment with strategic planning, project management and implementation.

Our instructors draw on a wealth of experience in the IT, development and project management spheres. By attending our ScrumMaster certification classes in Chicago, Illinois, you’ll be in a position to work alongside them and benefit from their invaluable skill and advice. Sign up today and secure your spot! Register with us online, or get in touch at if you have further questions or special requests.