ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Arlington, Virginia

ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Arlington, Virginia

The role of the traditional manager is rapidly becoming obsolete as the role of ScrumMaster comes to the fore. Gone are the days of managing people. Instead, the ScrumMaster focuses on managing projects. The ScrumMaster operates more like a coach than a manager, and his primary focus is on enabling his team to do the best work possible.

The term “Scrum” is taken from the sport of rugby, and it describes the team’s collaborative efforts as they efficiently take the ball toward its goal. The ScrumMaster is a big part of making this happen in a creative environment, as he helps team members achieve at their highest possible levels. He communicates with the Product Owner and coordinates changes in requirements, he organizes and facilitates meetings, and he prevents or removes obstacles hindering his team. He keeps an eye on the product backlog so that it’s always ready for the next sprint.

If you’ve spent any time reading about Scrum, the principles may seem rather simple. While the concepts are truly simple and logical, implementation can be far more complex. That’s why we’re pleased to offer ScrumMaster certification classes in Arlington, Virginia. Our two-day certification courses help aspiring ScrumMasters get off on the right foot as they launch into the world of agile project management.

Our ScrumMaster certification classes in Arlington, Virginia are run by leaders in the industry. Each of our instructors are Certified Scrum Trainers, and that credential is backed up by decades of experience in the software development and IT industries.

If you’re interested in taking your Scrum skills to the next level, sign up for our upcoming ScrumMaster certification classes. We’re looking forward to it and we hope you’ll join us – but hurry and reserve your place because space is limited!