ScrumMaster Certification and Training in Houston, TexasScrumMaster Certification and Training in Houston, Texas

As a ScrumMaster, you’re responsible to keep a project on track. Contrary to traditional management roles, however, the ScrumMaster focuses on managing the project rather than the people. The ScrumMaster’s job is to make sure that the team’s efforts are maximized, that obstacles are removed, and that Scrum methodologies are being properly implemented.

While this might sound simple in theory, the practical implementation definitely takes a bit of training and experience. That’s why Winnow Management is proud to present a series of courses for ScrumMaster certification and training in Houston, Texas. Our instructors have a combined 75+ years of experience in the fields of project management, IT and software development, and are fully certified by the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute.

Our two-day ScrumMaster certification and training courses will give you the skills you need to hit the ground running as you launch into a new Scrum environment. The courses combine classroom style lessons and hands-on, real life Scrums headed up by our experienced instructors. You’ll learn how to effectively plan Sprints, manage Scrums, and measure progress. You’ll also learn about the potential pitfalls you may face – and how to successfully navigate a new agile environment.

For more information on our planned ScrumMaster certification and training events in Houston, Texas, have a look at our events page. If you find that none of the projected dates meet the needs of your company, please feel free to contact us at We may be able to arrange a private consultation at your facility.