SCRUM Training Introduction


Scrum is a responsive development process whereby team members generate usable results intermittently throughout the lifespan of a project. It consists of a product backlog that development team executes, to deliver the product. Scrum training is necessary to learn this agile approach in product development.

Benefits of scrum methodology

1.      Productivity

With scrum methodology, the development process is in phases. This makes it easier to manage each phase, as it is now easier to identify any impediments that may arise. This improves the productivity of the team, as projects take a shorter time to complete.

2.      Enhanced Communication

The scrum approach encourages daily communication among the parties. The scrum master facilitates the communication between the project owner and the development team. After the completion of every sprint, the project owner, scrum master and development team have to meet to measure progress.

3.      Boosts Team Morale

The fact that the task is in smaller chunks improves the morale of the development team since it is easier to measure overall progress. The team will be able to know if they are making any positive progress.

4.      Predictable Costs

Making cost estimates is easier now considering that the project development process is in phases. The team is able to estimate costs at the beginning of each sprint. The scrum team can derive the overall cost by adding the cost estimates of each sprint.

5.      High Quality Products

After the completion of each stage, the team has to test and validate the product. This ensures that the product will be of high quality.


Benefits of scrum training

The benefits of scrum training are numerous. The following are some of the benefits of scrum training according to Scrum Alliance.

1.      Expand Career Opportunities

With scrum training, you are able to increase your career opportunities across all sectors that employ the scrum methodology. As a certified scrum master, you can set yourself apart as an advanced scrum expert.

2.      Networking

As a scrum professional, you are able to engage and interact with other scrum experts. This will give you the opportunity to share ideas and make any necessary improvements to your level of expertise.

3.      Validation

With scrum training and certification, you are able to validate you competency in the scrum approach. You are now in a position to corroborate you practical experience in scrum methodology. You are also able to demonstrate your knowledge of scrum to your peers.

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