SCRUM Training 2016


Scrum is a development process for running a project or managing the development of a product. The process allows a team to work as a unit in order to achieve a common objective. It adopts an empirical approach where the team maximizes its ability to deliver usable product increments sporadically throughout the project’s lifetime. Product development is a dynamic process. Changes to the product requirements and project objectives are inevitable. Therefore, adopting the scrum methodology is imperative to achieve desirable results. To understand this methodology, one has to undertake scrum training.

The Scrum Team

The scrum team consists of three players including the project owner, development team and the scrum master.

Project Owner

The project owner represents the voice of the client and the stakeholders of the product. The owner has the authority over the project and defines what the development team should be working on.

Development Team

The development team is responsible for delivering usable product increments for the project. Its main activities include analysis, designing, developing, testing and documentation of the project.

Scrum Master

The scrum master is the supervisor and facilitator of the development team. The individual is liable for the delivery of the final product. The master makes sure that there are no impediments to the project thus ensuring that the development team works efficiently. The scrum master is the connection between the project owner and the development team.

Benefits of Scrum Training with Winnow Management

Undertaking scrum training has numerous benefits to any prospective scrum master. The following are some of the benefits of scrum Training.

1.      Experience

The core personnel at Winnow Management have experience with a mean average of 25 years in the IT industry. The founder is also a certified project management professional and leadership guru. Trainers with vast experience in project management have the expertise on how to instill knowledge to any prospective scrum master regardless of their management level.

2.      Certified Scrum Master Classes

At the Winnow management, all scrum master classes offer certification to qualified scrum master candidates. The classes cover all the essential subjects including the scrum framework and its fundamentals. The participants will learn how the scrum methodology works and how to implement it in their projects.

3.      Authentic Leadership

The trainers at Winnow management are proficient in managing all phases of project management. They have the ability to provide authentic leadership to create effective and efficient project management teams.

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