Scrum Project Management Training Course in Herndon, Virginia

Scrum Project Management Training Course in Herndon, VirginiaScrum is all about collaboration. It’s not the kind of place where a one-man-show is going to thrive. While a great Scrum Master is vital to the team’s success, you’ll never be successful as a Scrum Master without a strong Scrum team. It’s a highly symbiotic relationship, and every member of the team must be committed to communication and collaboration. Whether you’re a CEO, a project manager or a team member, you’re sure to benefit from our Scrum project management training course in Herndon, Virginia.

We are teaching Scrum teams to work effectively. We train strong, professional Scrum Masters. We educate Product Owners and help them to learn this new way of operating. And we work with Scrum teams as they learn to navigate the brave new world of Scrum. It takes a considerable change of mindset to switch to this innovative framework, but with the right team and the right training, it can do wonders for your projects, your efficiency, and your bottom line.

There are a few simple keys to making a successful transition to Scrum. If you’ve been working within an Agile framework for some time, the shift might not be so earth shaking; however, those transitioning from a more traditional project management model might find the switch a bit more challenging. Whatever your situation, you can enjoy a smoother transition by:

1. Keeping Communication Free-Flowing

You can’t sit back and wait for results to happen. A successful Scrum Master has to be right in the trenches, in close communication with his team, and well-versed in current tasks, problems and goals.

2. Keeping Folks in the Know

Keep product owners in the loop and you’ll have far more success. Every member of the team (including product owners) should be well-versed in Scrum and involved in ongoing training.

3. Keep Learning

Along those lines, you’ll see far more success if you put a premium on training. Through events like our upcoming Scrum project management training course in Herndon, Virginia, your team will be equipped with the skills and training that you need for success. Contact us today at