Scrum Master Training Class in Cleveland, Ohio

Scrum Master Training Class in Cleveland, OhioAre you eager to be a change-maker in your industry? A great first step is Scrum certification. This framework is revolutionizing the business world and has been adopted by companies in nearly every industry. When you become a certified Scrum Master, you are setting yourself up to be a catalyst for change, and that’s a wonderful thing. During our Scrum Master training class in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the best Scrum Masters in the industry. Their goal is to turn you into the change-maker and servant-leader that you truly desire to be.

Our two-day Scrum Master training class in Cleveland, Ohio is centered around learning by doing. Our goal is to build in you a strong foundation based in Agile principles and core Scrum practices. As Scrum Master, you’ll not only need to know Scrum intimately, but you’ll need to be something of a Scrum evangelist within your organization. The only way to accomplish that is by getting deep into the world of Scrum.

We know that the best way to learn this framework is by actually working with it. If you’re one of the first adopters within your organization, you probably haven’t had much opportunity to practice. Maybe you’ve read a book or ten on the subject, but when it comes to such a paradigm-shifting framework, it can be hard to actually implement the principles without in-person training.

When you attend our course, we’ll walk you through the fundamentals before you progress to the complexities of the Scrum Master’s role. Our instructors get out from behind the podium to work right alongside our participants. You’ll be able to watch them at work, discuss concepts with them in small groups, practice the principles they teach, and then get their invaluable feedback on your technique.

There’s really no better way of learning than with someone who knows the way. Come ready to learn, and you’ll walk away with a treasure trove of brand new skills. So sign up today and join us for our Scrum Master training class in Cleveland, Ohio.