Scrum Master Certification Training in Vancouver, BC

Scrum Master Certification Training in Vancouver, BC

Companies in Vancouver, BC and the surrounding areas are benefiting greatly from Phoenix certified Scrum training offered by Winnow Management. Companies and organizations who are working to improve their development processes are finding that Scrum Master certification training can do wonders to enhance project management and development procedures.

Winnow Management draws on over 70 years of combined IT experience to assist attending project managers in learning Scrum techniques and methodologies – all with the goal of delivering outstanding products on schedule and on budget.

By using the Scrum concepts of breaking down a large scale project into bite-sized goals, development teams are finding ways to reduce overall costs while still meeting client expectations and keeping up with trends and changes in the industry. No process is 100% guaranteed; however, the flexibility and agility of the Scrum environment has rapidly earned it a place as the most commonly used methodology for project management - regardless of the product.

Winnow Management’s Scrum Master certification training in Vancouver provides a healthy learning environment where participants can quickly grasp the core concepts and fundamental principles of Scrum, including the various roles in a Scrum environment (i.e. Scrum Master, Project Owner, and Team Member). At the end of the two-day course, attendees will have the skills and training needed to pass the certification exam.

While most training sessions are two-day events, Winnow Management also offers brief two hour overviews or refresher courses, as well as private consulting services when needed.

Check out our events page for scheduled times and locations of our next Scrum Master certification training event in Vancouver, BC. If you feel that your company would benefit from a private consultation or session, contact us at 954-784-3674, or by email at