Scrum Master Certification Training in Toronto, OntarioScrum Master Certification Training in Toronto, Ontario

Come see how Scrum is changing the world of business! If your company is regularly getting bogged down whenever a new factor comes into play, Scrum may be just what’s needed to keep your team on track and making forward progress.

The Scrum framework and principles work because they’re easily understood. Production teams see incredible results when they are able to fully embrace the core values of Scrum. These core values include concepts such as:

  • Interactions and individuals matter more than processes and tools
  • Completed functionality matters more than extensive documentation
  • Contract negotiation isn’t nearly as important as customer collaboration
  • The ability to adjust to change is more valuable than an exhaustive plan

When teams and organizations can understand these principles and values, true success is achievable. While the concepts are simple to understand, implementation can be a bit more difficult – and that’s where Winnow Management can help.

This year we’re offering a series of Scrum Master Certification Training in Toronto, Ontario. Our team of instructors is fully certified and well-versed in Scrum concepts and methodologies. More importantly, we have a combined 75+ years of experience in the fields of IT and software development, and we offer that unique perspective to each of our participants.

If your Ontario-based business could do with a bit of a paradigm shift, check out our scheduled Scrum Master Certification Training in Toronto. Our two-day courses will cover core concepts, values and implementation of Scrum in the workplace, and will give you the skills you need to succeed with Scrum.

If you need a different time or would like further consultation outside of our scheduled Scrum Master Certification Training in Toronto, please feel free to give us a call at 954-784-3674, or email us at We may be able to arrange a private consultation or course at your facility.