Scrum MScrum Master Certification Training in Tampa, Floridaaster Certification Training in Tampa, Florida

Project managers today are leaning away from traditional management techniques. Instead, many are picking up on the Scrum trend – and seeing phenomenal results. Instead of one leader running an entire project, including client communication, product testing, and implementation, Scrum Masters are coaching their teams toward common goals.

The role of a Scrum Master is to keep the team headed in the right direction by encouraging healthy collaboration between Team Members and Product Owners in a fluid, agile environment. The Scrum concept is built on the knowledge that changes are inevitable, and it provides the framework to tackle those changes without negatively impacting deadlines or overall goals.

By properly implementing Scrum methodologies, development teams can take changes in requirements, budget cuts, and staff restructuring in stride. Scrum techniques allow teams to increase production and waste less time in a project’s life cycle, resulting in a high quality final product.

Our Certified Scrum Master Training courses in Tampa, Florida spans two days of lessons and familiarizes attendees with the concepts, philosophy and structure of a Scrum. These Scrum Master Certification training courses in Tampa cover topics like:

  • The Scrum framework and fundamental concepts
  • How and why Scrum works
  • The roles and responsibilities of Scrum Masters, Team Members and Product Owners
  • Agile planning and estimating
  • Optimizing value and return on investment (ROI)
  • Further topics may be covered if time permits.

Visit our events page to see planned dates and locations of our Scrum Master Certification training sessions in Tampa, Florida. If your company needs a special consultation or session, give us a call at 954-784-3674, or email us at In addition to our basic training courses, Winnow Management also offers brief two-hour refresher courses for organizations and individuals.