Scrum Master Certification Training in Phoenix, Arizona

ScrumMaster Certification Classes in Phoenix, Arizona

Thinking of adopting Scrum in your organization? If so, you’re making one of the smartest moves possible! Our Scrum Master certification training in Phoenix, Arizona will get your team started on the right foot and prepare you for Scrum success!

The Scrum Master is one of the most vital roles in a Scrum framework. The Scrum Master is more than a traditional manager – he’s the promoter of Scrum values and the coach, protector and facilitator for your Scrum team. Obviously, it’s important to pick the right person for the job – and to make sure that they have the right training!

Who Should be Scrum Master?

As you’ll quickly learn at our Scrum Master certification training in Phoenix, Arizona, the Scrum Master is really a servant-leader. Rather than commanding and controlling, the Scrum Master coaches and supports. A functional or project manager might seem like an obvious fit for the role, but there are some factors to consider before making that decision:

  • If your Project Manager is your Scrum Master, there’s the obvious benefit of previous experience with the team; however, your project manager will need to make some major changes to the traditional control and command model. It can also be tough for a project manager to successfully facilitate the more technical aspects of a project.
  • Functional managers typically see even greater obstacles because they’ve never been a “peer” on the team. A manager who has been a director and controller must make a concerted effort to enable and support their team by focusing on self-empowerment.
  • The technical lead often make the best Scrum Master because he’s already considered a leader by his peers. The lead has an understanding of the technical aspects of the project, as well as the relationship with the team to be an effective coach and facilitator.

How to Choose?

Picking a Scrum Master can be tough. Because of that, many organizations choose to enroll their whole team in Scrum Master training. This gives each team member the skills and training needed to implement Scrum effectively, and each can step into the role as needed (on different projects).

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