Scrum Master Certification Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your career? Are you tired of old-hat techniques and practices? If so, come join us in Philly for two days of Scrum Master training! We’ll show you why Scrum is quickly becoming the number one Agile practice in the professional world today. After two days of Scrum Master certification training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you’ll see why Scrum is the way of the future!

If you’ve worked at any stage of the product development process, you’ve likely run into some frustrating situations. Deadlines suddenly change, throwing the team into a frantic rush. Project requirements are re-worked, causing major upheaval and delayed deadlines. Team members leave and new ones arrive, resulting in interrupted work and inconsistent results. Obviously, this isn’t an effective way to operate – yet it’s the way many companies have operated for years! Scrum is changing all of that by providing a structure that empowers cross-functional teams to get things done in the most efficient ways possible.

Scrum can be quite a paradigm shift, and while the principles are simple and logical, they aren’t always easy to implement. That’s why our courses are focused on learning by doing. Our Certified Scrum Trainers focus on equipping each participant with the skills and tools needed to implement Scrum principles immediately. By the end of this course, you’ll know how Scrum works, who plays what role, and how to implement it within your own organization.

YOU Should Join Us!

Not sure whether Scrum is for you? While Scrum was originally birthed within the world of software development, we’ve found that Scrum bridges industries and organizations and has proven beneficial in nearly every sector. Regardless of your background, position or industry, you’re sure to benefit from our Scrum Master certification training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re leading a team or one of its members, we’ve built this course around YOU. If you’re a…

  • Team member
  • Team leader
  • Project manager
  • Product developer
  • Product tester
  • Product architect

…then this course is right for you. Join us for two life-changing days of Scrum Master certification training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and see what Scrum can do for you! Check out our events page or get in touch at for more details.