Scrum Master Certification training in New Taipei, TaiwanScrum Master Certification training in New Taipei, Taiwan

Whether you work in IT, software development, or another industry entirely, Scrum may be just what you need to kickstart your career into high gear. Professionals from all walks and industries are finding that Scrum certification is an outstanding asset. Scrum training not only offers a unique (and highly valued) set of project management skills, but certified ScrumMasters are in high demand these days as more and more organizations are looking to hire Scrum-certified individuals.

Understandably, Scrum is rapidly becoming the most innovative and effective project management framework on the horizon. Whether you’re new to Scrum or you’ve been working within an agile environment for some time, ScrumMaster training can launch you into the full benefits of agile project planning and development.

Winnow Management is now pleased to announce our upcoming Scrum Master certification training in New Taipei, Taiwan! Our two-day events will provide aspiring ScrumMasters with a strong foundation in Scrum principles and help them to make a successful launch into the brilliant world of Scrum.

In our interactive, two-day course, participants will learn how to be effective “servant leaders” in the role of ScrumMaster. The role of ScrumMaster is significantly different from the conventional “manager” role; however, the techniques and tools provided enable greater teamwork, better communication, greater product quality, and outstanding ROI within each project.

Our ScrumMaster course is developed specifically for those who lead. Whether you’re managing a small project or one that is large and complex, you’ll certainly benefit from the Scrum principles taught in this course.

For scheduled dates and venues of Scrum Master certification training in New Taipei, Taiwan, please see our events page. If you have further questions or would like to discuss a private consultation or customized course for your company, please contact us at