Scrum Master Certification Training in Detroit, Michigan

Scrum Master Certification Training in Detroit, Michigan

The word “Scrum” is derived from the rough and tumble sport of rugby; however, this versatile framework is really an elegant method of managing software or application development projects. Scrum processes give teams the tools they need to adjust to changes or new elements as a project progresses. Scrum frameworks are based on specific principles that minimize waste and bring the best possible results.

How can our team benefit from Scrum training?

We’re offering Scrum Master Certification training events in Detroit, Michigan because even the best plans are subject to change. New requirements or market conditions can drastically affect the scope of a project. Scrum provides an agile environment that promotes productivity even when things are unclear. Even if you’re facing budget cuts or major internal restructuring, Scrum can minimize time and money wasting, keeping your values and ROI on track.

What does our Scrum Master Certification training events in Detroit offer?

Scrum training can be as short as a two hour overview and as long as a two-day certification seminar. Attendees will gain unique education and insight into Scrum subjects and methodologies, including:

  • The framework and fundamentals of Scrum
  • How and why Scrum works
  • Roles of ScrumMasters, Product Owners, and Team Members
  • Cross-functional and self-managed teams

What does Winnow Management offer for Scrum training?

Winnow Management boasts a staff with over 70 years of combined IT experience. These folks have spent many years working with application and software development with Agile project management. Winnow Management is also certified by the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute.

Scrum Master Certification training is coming to Detroit, Michigan

Winnow Management regularly offers Scrum Master Certification training events in the Detroit, Michigan area. Our event schedule is posted with the planned training dates; however, if you’d like to schedule a special event for your team or project, give is a call at 954-784-3674, or contact us at