Scrum Master Certification Training in Dallas, TexasScrum Master Certification Training in Dallas, Texas

While Dallas, Texas has ton of fun things to do during the day and a fabulous night life, the poor project manager rarely is able to enjoy these things. The traditional project manager is often so stressed from constant changes in client’s project requirements, ever-shrinking budgets and looming deadlines. If this is the challenge facing your project managers, Winnow Management is here with a solution.

With over 70 years of collective experience in the IT fields, Winnow Management offers a unique perspective for those in the software development industry. With our two-day Scrum Master Certification training events and Scrum Certification Courses in Dallas, Texas, project managers can learn how to roll with the punches in an ever-changing environment. This is accomplished through the implementation of Agile/Scrum techniques.

In our Scrum Master Certification training classes in Dallas, attendees will learn the concepts, principles and methodologies behind the Scrum technique, as well as the expectations of each role involved in this new style of software development.

The Scrum framework is built on the understanding that change is inevitable. In traditional environments, changes can quickly throw an entire project up in the air. With Scrum techniques, a development team can rapidly change direction as needed, without ballooning costs or missed deadlines. This empowers a team to deliver a high-quality product in spite of budget cuts, changes in personnel, and random requests from clients. It alleviates a lot of the stress associated with unknown factors, and puts the control back into the hands of the development team.

If our Scrum Master Certification training in Dallas sounds like something your organization could benefit from, have a look at our events page to find out the dates and locations of classes near you.

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