Scrum Master certification training in Charlotte, North CarolinaScrum Master Certification Training in Charlotte, North Carolina

Get ready to become a Certified ScrumMaster with our upcoming Scrum Master certification training in Charlotte, North Carolina. This course, hosted by Winnow Management, will cover everything you’ll need to prepare you for a successful career as an agile ScrumMaster or Scrum Team Member.

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If you’re going to invest time and money in Scrum training and certification, you’ll want to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment. At Winnow Management we’re committed to delivering a high-quality classroom experience with the very best instructors in the industry.

Our instructors are highly experienced professionals in the fields of IT, project management and software development. They have a unique understanding of the challenges you’ll face as you launch into an agile environment, and they offer that unique perspective and their full range of expertise to help you navigate the brave new world of Scrum.

During our two-day Scrum Master certification training in Charlotte, we’ll cover all aspects of what it means to be “agile” – starting with the history of agile development, and then proceeding through the procedures, disciplines and methodology that makes up Scrum, including:

  • What it really means to be “agile”
  • Understanding the Scrum framework (illustrated with detailed simulations)
  • The characteristics of a good ScrumMaster
  • How to preempt potential pitfalls and problems
  • Roles in a Scrum environment (including the ScrumMaster, Team Members, and Project Owner)

We’ll also provide plenty of reference material during the wrap-up to solidify all the concepts and terms you’ve learned.

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So why wait? If you’ve been considering Scrum as a good next step in your career, now’s the time to act! Space is limited and spots are going quickly, so make sure to grab your ticket to our Scrum Master certification training in Charlotte, NC. And remember, if you register early, you can save $100 on your fee! Check out our events page for more details, or get in touch with us at 954-784-3674 or