Scrum Master Certification Training in Cary, North CarolinaScrum Master Certification Training in Cary, North Carolina

Our series of courses for Scrum Master certification training in Cary, North Carolina will provide participants with hands-on experience in real-world scenarios. This will allow each participant to develop the basic skills, principles and framework to lead a successful agile Scrum team. Along with the basics of Scrum, participants will learn the skills and attributes that are vital to becoming an effective ScrumMaster.

Our two-day courses are largely focused on immersion training, supplemented by succinct classroom style lessons. Case studies and exercises are used throughout the training session to aid participants in practical application of the lessons.

The course will cover essential components and principles of the ScrumMaster’s role, including:

  • Agile Thinking – Participants will learn “The Art of the Possible” and experience the incredible impact this paradigm shift can bring.
  • The Scrum Framework – We will build a solid foundation as we explain Scrum Meetings, Roles and Artifacts.
  • Scrum Roles and Responsibilities – We’ll learn how each member of the team fits into the whole. We will also explore how the ScrumMaster should interact with Product Owners and Team Members.
  • The Role of ScrumMaster – We’ll dig deeper into the ScrumMaster’s role, including the characteristics, values and responsibilities of a really good ScrumMaster.
  • Scrum Implementation – We’ll delve into the underlying reasons for pursuing Scrum, as well as how to effectively implement it in your next project.

We may cover additional material if time permits; however, the focus will largely be on providing a solid foundation for aspiring ScrumMasters. Our Scrum Master certification training in Cary, North Carolina is ideal for anyone involved in (or hoping to implement) a Scrum-based work environment. The material is very beneficial for anyone looking to practice Scrum principles, but it’s an absolute must for project managers, team leaders, and functional managers.

If you’re interested in signing up for Winnow Management’s Scrum Master certification training in Cary, North Carolina, check out our events page for further details on dates and venues.