Scrum Master Certification Training in Baltimore, Maryland

Scrum Master Certification Training in Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re on this page, chances are you’ve heard some of the Scrum hype that’s making its way throughout the professional world. Perhaps you’re wondering what it’s all about – and if Scrum really lives up to the hype. Come find out for yourself and see how your individual projects, your long-term scope, and your entire organization can be revolutionized by Scrum Master certification training in Baltimore, Maryland!

In two short days, our participants are equipped with the tools, training and foundational principles that are needed by effective Scrum Masters. Our courses are highly valued by both experienced agile developers and those who are totally new to Scrum. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve worked in agile environments for some time, we’ll help you take your skills to a whole new level with our Scrum Master certification training in Baltimore, Maryland.

During the course of your Scrum Master certification training, you’ll have numerous opportunities to work alongside our Certified Scrum Trainers. Through our realistic Scrum simulations, you’ll be able to try out your newly acquired skills, observe professional Scrum Masters at work, and get their invaluable feedback.

This two-day course will equip you with an in-depth understanding of Scrum, including subjects like:

  • How Scrum implementation can benefit your business
  • The core values and fundamental principles of Scrum
  • The basics of agile planning and analysis
  • The roles in Scrum, and how they interact
  • Your responsibilities as a Scrum Master
  • How to run effective Scrums and Sprints
  • How to preempt and prevent common pitfalls in implementing Scrum

Scrum is most effective when each team member has a strong grasp of agile principles – and a deep respect for Scrum values and practices. As you work with our Certified Scrum Trainers, you’ll be well-equipped to launch your own successful Scrum framework.

Join us and see how Scrum can revolutionize your next project! See our events page for upcoming Scrum Master certification training in Baltimore, Maryland, and sign up soon to get special early bird discounts! Contact us any time at if you have questions or requests.