Scrum Master Certification Training in Austin, Texas

If your team is adopting an Agile framework, one of your biggest decisions is choosing your Scrum Master. The Scrum Master is responsible for protecting the team and promoting Agile values, as well as coaching the team and helping to implement Scrum effectively. It’s important to pick the right person for the job, and it’s vital that they have the right training to get the job done well.

Get your team off on the right foot by signing up for our Scrum Master certification training in Austin, Texas. We’ve worked with some of the most successful Scrum frameworks in the business, and our team knows how to get Scrum Masters started on the road to success. By learning your Scrum skills with Winnow Management’s Certified Scrum Trainers, you’re making an investment that will pay off in dividends!

What Makes a Great Scrum Master?

Before you launch into your Scrum Master training, it might help to know what an effective Scrum Master looks like. There are certain skills that guarantee a Scrum Master’s success – and these are skills that we’ll hone in on at our Scrum Master certification training in Austin, Texas. These include:

  • A servant-leader attitude. A good Scrum Master is a facilitator – not a commander.
  • A commitment to Scrum principles. A good Scrum Master believes in Scrum and works hard to keep Scrum values in place.
  • A problem-solving mentality. a good Scrum Master is committed to removing roadblocks – whether he does the job himself or he assigns the task to the right person.
  • A supportive coach. A good Scrum Master facilitates a healthy, trusting environment where team members can work on problem solving without fear of blame or criticism.

Are You Scrum Master Material?

We believe that anyone can develop the skills needed to be an effective, successful Scrum Master. Even if your project management habits are firmly entrenched, our Scrum Master certification training in Austin, Texas can provide that paradigm shift you need to be successful in Scrum.

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