Scrum Master Certification Training in Austin, TexasScrum Master Certification Training in Austin, Texas

The Scrum process of project management was developed overseas and is rapidly spreading as the next great thing in software development. Companies in and around Austin, Texas are breaking away from rigid frameworks and individual leaders, and leaning instead toward the trend of small agile teams. These agile teams set goals and deadlines for their own projects, dividing large jobs into portions, increments or specific requirements.

Weekly meetings keep communication lines flowing and provide a platform for implementing quick changes due to unforeseen factors. Sudden budget cuts, staff restructuring, or random client requirement changes are no longer a roadblock, as Scrum methodologies provide teams with the necessary skills to roll with changes and adapt accordingly. This creates a highly productive environment, led by a licensed Scrum Master.

Our two-day Scrum Master certification training courses in Austin, Texas provided provide students with a strong foundation in Scrum methodologies and the Agile environment. With over 70 years of combined experience, the IT professionals from Winnow Management instruct students in core Scrum concepts, including:

  • Basic Scrum fundamentals and frameworks
  • How and why Scrum works
  • The roles and responsibilities of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Team Members
  • Planning and Estimating in an Agile environment
  • Cross-functional and Self-managed teams

While the software development industry has benefited greatly from Scrum methodologies, the management standards translate beautifully into other industries as well. Our Scrum Master certification training courses in Austin, Texas simulates various projects to show how the Scrum framework can enhance productivity in nearly every organizational setting.

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