Scrum Master Certification Training in Atlanta, GeorgiaScrum Master Certification Training in Atlanta, Georgia

Pulling its name from the rough and tumble sport of rugby, Scrum lives up to its name. A rugby scrum describes a team’s collaboration as they move the ball toward the goal in the most efficient way possible. The Scrum methodology works in a similar fashion – albeit in a far more elegant, less rough-and-tumble way.

The agile Scrum methodologies give teams the skills and tools needed to manage a project from conception to implementation. It empowers teams with the framework and support they need to consistently produce high-quality products in a set time period. While external hindrances prevent many projects from meeting deadlines, Scrum teams are able to bypass this common pitfall and consistently deliver on time – regardless of changes in project requirements.

How is this possible? Large projects are broken down into short “sprints” (typically one to two week periods), and work is planned out logically within this period. The Scrum Master keeps his team on track by protecting them from external hindrances, and team members touch base frequently to review, reprioritize and reevaluate the immediate work and overall goals.

By attending one of our upcoming sessions for Scrum Master certification training in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll be able to successfully implement Scrum with your own team. You’ll learn the foundational principles and driving values of Scrum, as well as how the various roles interact within a Scrum environment. By the end of our Scrum certification course, you’ll be ready to pass the Scrum Master Certification Exam and fully qualified to launch Scrum within your own work environment.

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