Scrum Master Certification Training Event in Washington DC

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasMore and more companies are actively hiring professionals who are Certified Scrum Masters. As the framework rapidly gains popularity, and as more companies decide to adopt Scrum, the need for qualified, well-trained Scrum Masters rises. Maybe your company is preparing to adopt Scrum, or perhaps you’re angling for a more lucrative position. Either way, you can put yourself in line for the career you really want through our Scrum Master certification training event in Washington DC.

Our Scrum Master certification training event in Washington DC is designed to take you from zero to hero in just two days. Our Scrum trainers are some of the most successful, experienced Scrum Masters in the industry. They not only have a tremendous in-depth understanding of the framework itself, but they also have extensive real-world experience in the IT and project management industries. They know how Scrum works, and they have the practical skill to apply it in the best way possible.

There are many options for certification when you are working in IT, product development or project management. You may even be a bit lost when it comes to picking the right course. We highly recommend Scrum Master certification because it is one of the fastest growing frameworks in the business world today – and there just aren’t enough good Scrum Masters to meet the demand.

With just two days of intense, hands-on training, you’ll have the skills and the know-how to get started with Scrum. You’ll be able to work right alongside our trainers as they teach each concept, and you’ll have the opportunity to put each new lesson into practice immediately with practical exercises, group activities, and more.

Our course is all about learning by doing, so come ready to get involved. When you choose to learn with Winnow Management, you can count on training that will really stick with you. We offer an outstanding interactive course, taught by knowledgeable, personable instructors. We’re serious about providing the training that you need, and we go to great lengths to deliver. So contact us at, or stop by our events page to sign up for our upcoming Scrum Master certification training event in Washington DC.