Scrum Master Certification Classes in Saint Louis, Missouri

Scrum Master Certification Classes in Saint Louis, Missouri

Do you approach each new work day with trepidation? Are you constantly worried about what new factors you’ll have to deal with in your product development? Unfortunately, there are loads of folks like you who have to deal with ever-changing factors in the work environment.

The fact is, change is inevitable. Clients decide that their project requirements must change, so months of work are out the window. Valuable members of your team up and leave due to downsizing, sickness or even frustration. Budgets are suddenly cut, and you find yourself having to do more with less.

We’ve all been there, and we well understand how these changes can make you dread going in to work each day. But we’ve found a better way! The Scrum framework is revolutionizing project management in companies around the world. Its simple, yet practical principles are helping numerous organizations to make sense of the chaos and to get log-jammed projects back on track to success.

What Does Scrum Mean?

It’s a funny word, “Scrum”, and it’s actually borrowed from the sport of rugby. The sports term refers to a technique (a “scrum” or “scrummage”) that players use to jumpstart the game after an accidental interruption. Players make a sprint down the field, passing the ball back and forth between team members for a super-smooth, efficient run to the goal.

It’s a fantastic illustration, and it clearly shows the core concept of the Scrum framework. During our Scrum Master certification classes in Saint Louis, Missouri, you’ll learn how you can help your team to make an efficient, streamlined sprint for the goal. You’ll learn how to coach your team effectively as they hand the project off from one member to the next, and you’ll learn how to keep your team on track all the way to the end.

How You can be a Scrum Master

Scrum certainly takes a paradigm shift, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve been where you are, and we’re committed to helping up-and-coming leaders in the great world of Scrum. Join us for two days of intensive, hands-on Scrum Master certification classes in Saint Louis, Missouri. Check the schedule out online, or get in touch at if you have any questions or requests.