Scrum Master Certification Classes in Omaha, Nebraska

Scrum Master Certification Classes in Omaha, Nebraska

One of the factors that makes Scrum so successful is its specific roles. There are the folks who are directly invested in the project, and who are responsible for its success or failure. Then there are the folks who are indirectly involved, but who have little to do with the project beyond offering feedback. Your success in Scrum hinges in large part on your understanding of the roles and how they interact – and it’s a topic we’ll help you understand fully during our Scrum Master certification classes in Omaha, Nebraska.

Scrum Roles Defined

So how do you know whether you’re supposed to be a Scrum Master, a Team Member, or something else altogether? And what if you play more than one role? That’s ok! Many folks do. In fact, some of the very best Scrum Masters are simply Team Members who are committed to making the team and the project successful. They’ve committed to servant leadership, and they’ve gotten the training necessary to become the strong leaders needed for team success.

Each company is a little different, but in most cases, Scrum roles will look something like this:

The Product Owner – AKA “The Client”. This is the person who will own the final product. The Product Owner’s job is to make sure the team is using the right techniques and methods to get the best final product.

The Scrum Master – The Scrum Master is the buffer between the team and the Client. He makes sure that the project is getting done and that the rules are being followed; however, he does not manage the team itself.

The Team – This group is made up of all the individual members needed to create the final product. They work together to handle the various stages of production until the product reaches its final goal.

What Role Do You Play?

So are you a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, or a Team Member? Find out more at our Scrum Master certification classes in Omaha, Nebraska. We’ll help you to be the best Scrum Master you can be – whether that’s your sole role or just one of many. Visit our events page or get in touch at for more information.