Scrum Master Certification Classes in Herndon, Virginia

Scrum Master Certification Classes in Herndon, VirginiaIs your project in a state of inertia? Maybe you’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing seems to get the project moving again. Inertia can be a real problem, and the only way to tackle it is by challenging the status quo. Traditional management methods don’t allow this. Scrum, on the other hand, can breathe new life into a faltering project.

Scrum defeats inertia in a few key ways:

Scrum Cuts Through Inertia in Large Organizations

During our Scrum Master certification classes in Herndon, Virginia, you’ll see that Scrum can be scaled to projects of any size. Large organizations are particularly susceptible to inertia because every decision has enormous impact. Decision making slows to a crawl, and every project is slowed down in the process.

Scrum enables faster decision making at every level. It helps product owners to be immediately responsive to customers’ needs, and it enables them to keep sight of the most valuable elements of the project. It helps the team to prioritize and then to focus on the most important elements first.

Scrum Enables More Efficient Structure

During our Scrum Master certification classes in Herndon, Virginia, we’ve seen that Scrum can open up massive lines of communication in a corporate structure. Cross functional teams work and communicate more efficiently and are able to make key decisions at a team level. The Scrum Master helps the team to prioritize, and he protects them from outside meddling and interference. Issues are resolved quickly, and inertia is conquered.

Scrum Allows Rapid Performance Management

It’s easy to pass the buck in a large, poorly-structure environment – which quickly results in inertia. Scrum cuts through all of that and offers an efficient way to set and measure goals on a daily basis. Progress tracking becomes a fun and de-centralized activity, and teams start to find ways to improve turnaround times.

If your projects are foundering in a state of inertia, join us for two days of Scrum Master certification classes in Herndon, Virginia, and see what changes Scrum can bring! If you’d like more information on upcoming events or private consultation, get in touch at