Scrum Master Certification Classes in Chicago, IllinoisScrum Master Certification Classes in Chicago, Illinois


In many modern companies, product and software development is greatly hindered by day-to-day changes. Budget cuts, personnel shifts or changes in project goals and requirements can result in a lot of time and money wasted.

Successful Scrum implementation by a Scrum Master can change all that; however, Scrum means an about-face from the traditional modus operandi. Scrum methods give development teams the skills and tools they need to roll with changes and minimize down-time. The Scrum methodologies also remove much of the pressure in a development environment as teams are able to plan out their sprints and self-organize for maximum effectiveness.

Scrum utilizes a simple set of rules which provide an environment of consistent inspection, adaptation, self-organization, and innovation. It’s no surprise that the Scrum methods are being adopted by companies worldwide.

Winnow Management is now offering a course of Scrum Master Certification Classes in Chicago for professionals from all walks of life. These classes are led by a group of IT professionals who offer over 75 years of combined experience in the development and IT industries. The Winnow Management team has worked with companies of all sizes, from small operations to international organizations like Hilton and Cisco.

Each instructor on the Winnow Management team holds official certification from the Scrum Alliance as well as from the Project Management Institute. This has provided our instructors with a strong grasp of Scrum principles – something that they are eager to share with each course participant. This has made Winnow Management the go-to team for Scrum Master Certification classes in Chicago.

If you think your Chicago-based company could benefit from the principles and practices of a Scrum environment check out our events page for scheduled courses in Chicago. These two-day courses can bring your company the fresh perspective it needs, and put you on the track to greater productivity, growth and efficiency. For more information or for a private consultation, get in touch at 954-784-3674, or email us at