Scrum for Hardware Development

Scrum is a revolutionary product development approach which is based on agile thinking. While we often think of Scrum as a software delivery technic, its roots can be traced to manufacturing. While Scrum has been spreading into a variety of industries it has come home to roost in hardware with great success! Like anything worth doing it requires maintaining discipline in following the methodology but yields a better end-product in an efficient amount of time.

Watch the video below from a recent Scrum 4 HW session which displays how Scrum can work within the hardware product development environment. Agile allows for adaptive problem solving while maintaining organized structure and goals, allowing for the team to stay on task and complete projects efficiently.

Peter Borsella of Winnow Management recently enjoyed a Scrum for Hardware session at Wikispeed & Boeing. Many large and small companies are turning to Scrum and Agile to improve upon the speed and efficiency in which they can innovate and develop products. Scrum lends itself to collaboration among teams while also providing structure that maintains direction of the project and desired goals.

Winnow Management is proud to announce a collaborative effort between CSTs Peter Borsella, Hubert Smits, and Lonnie Weaver-Johnson to produce a 3-Day Train the Trainer: Scrum for Hardware program. This 3 day class will give you all the fundamentals to train your team in the methods of Scrum in Hardware. If you are already familiar with Scrum, this class will give you deeper insights into how to apply Scrum to the hardware product development industry.

This class is scheduled for August 22nd through August 24th in Westminster, CO! Be among the first to embrace this innovative approach to management in Hardware and Product development! You'll gain valuable insight like what metrics can improve an 800% increase in delivery speed. You'll also be introduced how to transition from traditional or waterfall management approaches into a Scrum approach for you team. Register today to improve the production and innovation capacity of your business!