Scrum Certification Classes Washington, DCScrum Certification Classes Washington, DC

Scrum methodologies are the latest and greatest advancement in the world of software development. Its unique set of rules and processes provide development teams with a flexible, versatile environment. This empowers teams with the skills and flexibility to produce the highest quality products possible.

Scrum certification classes are available through Winnow Management, and this training is now coming to the Washington, DC – Arlington area. Winnow Management boasts over 75 years of combined professional IT experience, and has contributed to building strong development teams with large local companies like Cisco and Hilton. The Winnow team is adept at teaching the unique aspects and concepts behind agile project management in the world of software development.

The training provided by Winnow Management gives teams the ability to implement Scrum principles in their own companies. This results in enhanced productivity, reduced waste, and greatly improved quality.

From the basic conception of a project to its final manifestation, Scrum techniques can be an invaluable part of the process. Scrum is developed on the knowledge that change is inevitable. From day one of a project, changes are bound to occur. Budget cuts, staff restructuring and changing client requirements can throw a project into a tailspin. Scrum gives development teams the skills they need to handle changes positively and adapt quickly. The framework provides an atmosphere where development teams have the autonomy and freedom to make the best possible decisions, and this results in the best possible outcomes.

Scrum training combines healthy collaboration with effective self-management. Rules of Scrum give teams the skills they need to make rapid decisions while maintaining a steady workflow in the overall project. This enables teams to attain critical deadlines and surpass customer requirements.

To participate in Scrum certification classes in Washington, DC, check out the Winnow events schedule. If you don’t find one that fits your needs, get in touch at or at 954-784-3647, and arrangements can be made to meet your company’s needs.