Scrum Certification Classes Toronto, ONScrum Certification Classes Toronto, ON

The software development world is benefiting greatly from the Scrum incremental framework, because of this we are bringing Scrum certification class right to you and will be hosting an event in Toronto, ON. The Scrum method facilitates management and development of a product or application – particularly when the full scope of the project is difficult to predict. The process utilizes unique rules and processes which enable a flexible, light environment. This ultimately results in a higher quality product.

Scrum Training and Scrum Certification Courses are available through Winnow Management in Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding areas. Certification events are hosted by IT professionals with a combined experience of over 75 years, and can be completed either through individual consulting or through two-day group certification courses. Large scale companies like Hilton and Cisco – along with others in the Arlington area – are finding great value in agile project management and the Scrum development courses offered by Winnow Management.

Not only can a Scrum environment greatly increase a company’s productivity, but it can also increase quality and cut back on waste. As a project progresses, unforeseeable changes are bound to crop up. An Agile framework gives development teams the skills they need to adjust to changes and adapt accordingly in order to meet and exceed client expectations. A Scrum environment gives teams a healthy balance of self-management and collaboration, enabling teams to make quick decisions while maintaining the integrity and flow of the overall project.

Winnow Management has a number of scheduled course dates and times in Toronto, Ontario; however, arrangements can be made for special classes at your private company or facility. Winnow Management can be contacted by email at, or by phone at 954-784-3674.