Scrum Certification Classes in Vancouver, British ColumbiaScrum Certification Classes in Vancouver, British Columbia

Whether you’re launching into Scrum training on your own or working to build a strong Scrum environment within your business or organization, the first step is a ground-level course in Scrum methodologies, values and implementation. Winnow Management offers the hands-on training, counsel and workshops in Vancouver, British Columbia that is needed to help you jumpstart a successful agile environment in your work or company.

Our two-day courses in Vancouver, BC are spearheaded by a team of IT professionals who know the business inside and out. Our instructors boast over 75 years in the IT and software development fields, and are fully certified by the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute. Throughout our Scrum certification classes in Vancouver, participants will learn the principles and methodologies that make Scrum such an outstanding framework.

Throughout our two-day Scrum certification classes in Vancouver, each participant will gain a solid grasp of core Scrum processes, covering topics like:

  • The fundamentals and framework of a Scrum environment
  • How and why Scrum works
  • Roles and responsibilities of a ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Team Member
  • Estimating and planning in an agile environment
  • How to operate within self-managed and cross-functional teams
  • Empirical methods vs. defined methods
  • Optimizing your return on investment

By the end of our Scrum certification classes in Vancouver, you’ll walk away with a strong grasp of the procedural Scrum methodology. You’ll have a solid handle on the terminology (i.e. “sprints” and “scrums”), the roles (i.e. “Product Owner,” “ScrumMaster,” and “Team Member”), and the ceremonies.

Scrum is changing the way business works in today’s companies. Professionals and business owners are finding that a Scrum environment not only increases productivity, but it can facilitate change, reduce waste and create a low-stress work environment.

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