Scrum Certification Classes in Reston, VirginiaScrum Certification Classes in Reston, Virginia

The Agile Scrum methodology derives its name from the game of Rugby. A Rugby “scrum” involves team collaboration as they utilize the most rapid and efficient ways to get the ball down the field toward the goal. These principles have been applied to the world of product development and are empowering teams to produce consistently high quality products within defined deadlines – regardless of external changes or obstacles.

Winnow Management is now presenting a series of Scrum certification classes in Herndon/Reston, Virginia, and we hope that many local companies can benefit from the empowering techniques we’ve discovered. Our instructors are leading the industry in Scrum certification, and have over 75 years of combined experience in the fields of IT, product management and software development. Each member is fully certified with the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute, and they’re eager to share their wealth of knowledge with each participant.

During the course of our seminars, participants will gain a strong grasp of core Scrum principles, values and methodologies, including:

- The roles and responsibilities in a Scrum environment: ScrumMaster, Team Members, and Product Owners

- How and why Scrum works

- Planning and estimating in a Scrum-based environment

- And much more

For more information on our upcoming Scrum certification classes in Herndon/Reston, Virginia, please see our events page. If you feel that your company would benefit from a private consultation or series of Scrum certification classes, please feel free to contact us at, and we will try to facilitate you.