Scrum Certification Classes in Portland, OregonScrum Certification Classes in Portland, Oregon

In order for a Scrum project to succeed, each member must play their role correctly. If you’re working within a project to build and develop a product, you’re fully invested in the creative process. Product Owners, Team Members and ScrumMasters must work together properly for the full benefits of Scrum to come to fruition.

There are three primary roles within a Scrum environment:

1. Product Owners: This role usually falls to the client or owner of the finished product. The overall concept may be their initial idea, and that idea is implemented by the ScrumMaster and Team Members. The Product Owner’s responsibility in a Scrum environment is to make sure the team is using the very best techniques for the job at hand.

2. ScrumMasters: This role is a pivotal one, however a ScrumMaster isn’t “managing” the team. Unlike traditional management structures where people are managed, a ScrumMaster focuses instead on overseeing the project. The ScrumMaster provides something of a buffer between the Product Owner and the Team, and is responsible for keeping the project on track.

3. Team Members: Each team member brings unique skills to the table. The Team is responsible for delivering the desired product through a collaborative work flow. Each member contributes their skills toward the desired end goal.

Whether you’re working toward becoming a certified ScrumMaster or you’re pursuing general Scrum certification, Winnow Management has the ideal range of Scrum certification classes in Portland, Oregon. Check out our events page for a full listing of dates, times and venues. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at