Scrum Certification Classes in Houston, TexasScrum Certification Classes in Houston, Texas

Whether you’re in software development, IT, or a professional in a completely non-tech field, it’s highly likely that your career will benefit from Scrum methodologies. Scrum is no longer just for software development. If team is willing to commit to Scrum principles, the techniques can greatly improve and streamline any product development environment.

Some of the most prominent benefits of a Scrum environment include:

- Better prioritizing. Products or features with the highest value receive the highest priority.

- Better time usage. “Busy” work and unnecessary steps are eliminated.

- Better obstacle handling. Since potential obstacles are identified early, they are more easily handled and overcome.

- Better productivity. Work is broken down into “sprints”, allowing for greater focus and fewer distractions.

- Better morale. The ScrumMaster helps to keep the team on track by protecting team members from outside pulls. This allows each member to do their job efficiently.

- Better results. Because projects are consistently delivered on time, customer satisfaction soars.

Winnow Management is now offering Scrum certification classes in Houston, Texas. Our two-day courses will teach you how to implement the Scrum methodology in your work, as well as how to overcome some common obstacles to implementation. You’ll learn how to manage daily Scrums, tackle backlog issues, prevent scope creep, and even how to handle a team’s hesitance to accept the changes in operation.

If you’re interested in signing up for one of our Scrum certification classes in Houston, Texas, please have a look at our events page where you’ll find our projected dates and venues. If you have further questions or would like to discuss private consultation or Scrum certification classes, please contact us at