Scrum Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Scrum Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Scrum is an “agile” method of project management that is quickly becoming the standard in many industries worldwide. The Scrum methodology enhances overall productivity by organizing work into brief, focused blocks called “Sprints”.

An agile environment aids efficiency by providing regular inspection points where goals and progress can be consistently evaluated. In addition, the agile Scrum environment makes it easy for teams or product owners to change details or the entire scope on the fly – without affecting deadlines or hindering overall progress.

Change is inevitable in a development environment; however, traditional management techniques have consistently fallen short when it comes to handling change effectively. Scrum provides a dependable solution in an ever-changing environment, giving teams the tools they need to succeed in spite of changes in budget, client requirements, or even personnel.

If you think Scrum might be the answer you’re looking for, check out our upcoming Scrum certification classes in Detroit, Michigan. Classroom-style lessons are led by our outstanding team of instructors who can boast a combined 75 years of experience in the fields of software development, IT, and project management. Through interactive lectures and hands-on, real life Scrums, participants will gain a strong foundation in Scrum principles, values and methodologies.

Stop by our events page to find out when and where we’ll be hosting Scrum certification classes in Detroit, Michigan. Availability is limited, so make sure you claim your spot quickly.

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